1. Bring more outfit choices than you will actually use.
    Once you arrive on your shoot, your photographer might have some input on what will look best on camera – so the more options you bring, the better.
  2. Ask your photographer about digital files.
    This is an important one. In a social media age, it’s important that you get the digital files from your shoot so you can post your images at their highest quality. Most photographers do offer a digital files package, but some do not. Some will text you a link, so you have it right on your cell phone. Ask questions!
  3. Think about bringing props on your shoot.
    Props help make every shoot unique. Are you a book worm? Bring your books. Do you love horses? Ask your photographer to meet you at your barn! Play sports? Take all your paraphernalia! Bring the things that make you, YOU.
    Whether it’s your favorite hat, an awesome pair of unique earrings, bring things on your shoot that communicate your personality.
  5. Don’t be afraid to be bold.
    This is your time to shine, to be the model on the shoot. Pick a fancy dress, bring along the blue suit coat, pick bold colors!
  6. Stay away from busy patterns and an excess of words on your clothing.
    Busy patterns can create a moiré effect (moiré pattern occurs when an object that is being photographed contains repetitive details (such as lines, dots, etc) that exceed the sensor resolution). Words can get lost in the folds of a shirt, so it’s better to just leave those at home.
  7. Some colors photograph better than others.
    This one is a matter of opinion, but I definitely prefer my clients to choose colors other than neon orange peachy pinks because it can affect skin tone. Any shade of blue photographs super well. Maroon or other rich fall colors such as burnt orange photograph really well. Green is a no go if you’re shooting outdoors in the woods or near a lake because it blends so well with the surroundings.

What it all boils down to is this: ask questions and bring LOTS of options on your shoot, so you and your photographer can make a game time decision so that you get the BEST set of senior portraits possible!