Welcome Friend!

…”The senior wardrobe selection she has is amazing she knew just the right patterns and colors to get the perfect pictures!”

so glad you are here!

We are Ashley + Samantha,
photographers, Sisters, lovers of hats

Fun fact, Samantha actually began working with Ashley as a wardrobe consultant for Lakeside Portraits..the more we worked together, the more sense it made to bring Sam on full time as a photographer.

If you see a cool hat in our wardrobe collection, you can bet Sam is probably the reason we have it!

We are so thankful for the opportunity to work together, capture families and high school seniors in some of the sweetest moments of their lives. Ashley will be your biggest cheerleader with helping you look natural and perfect, and Samantha will make you laugh at the most unpredictable moments to get a genuine laugh!

Our Philosophy

The season you’re in,
is one you’ll want to remember.
It’s one you & your family will look back on
for years to come.