2012, 2021

Kiera, Class of 2022


Kiera's session begins with sunshine perfect for golden hour, and wraps up with a gloomy emotional setting with hardly any light and a cool crisp stormy atmosphere. This is a perfect combination of unique settings for her session, sure to produce a gorgeous array of unique images - check it out. Locations: High Noon Field, La Ferme Rouge Session Chosen: The Elite Bundle, 2 hour session Furniture used: Sunny, Bluebell Images captured by Samantha & Ashley Cameras used: Canon EOS 1DX & Canon 5D Mk IV Lenses used: 50mm f/1.2 85mm f/1.2 70-200 f/2.8 USM IS [...]

3006, 2021

Group Photo Shoots: Best Friend Edition


Doing group photo shoots is an amazing idea that Hailey brought to me! These girls made the hour drive to the stunning gardens at Fran's Fair Garden. This is a prime example of something new I have not tried yet, and something I would definitely do again. Each of these girls brought $25, got some individual photos, and then got some super cute group shots too.

2606, 2021

July 4th Senior Photos at Glendale Lake

Editorial, Seniors|

July 4th Senior Photos at Glendale lake with a VW bus WHAT A DREAM. Central PA is one of the most beautiful places for a portrait session.  Tons of love for this spot because of how many different looks I get. Shoot here last for at least 2 hours and always have variety. Not to mention, that gorgeous sunset through the trees! And open field shots. The lake photos with rocks, wildflowers, I mean come on, does it get better?! Here's how this went down...First, we start in the tall grassy field. Secondly, as the sun starts to set we follow the glittery goldenness to the open green field. Thirdly, walking to the light filtering through the trees. And then we head to the water, getting our toes wet for the perfect "in the water" shot. Finally, one brave chickadee totally gets in the water and THE END 😀 [...]

2006, 2021

Baseball Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot


Talk about a baseball pregnancy announcement photoshoot for the Lakeside record books! I will be sharing this album for years to come, and you can bet it'll show up on some inspiration boards on Pinterest. Let's start at the beginning. First of all, the Robley family has some incredible news to share with the world today. This December, they will be welcoming a baby girl into their family - cue the bows! They brought so much excitement to their photo shoot. I can only imagine how much this little lady is going to be loved. If you're planning your own sports themed or baseball announcement shoot, you're going to want to take a few notes from this session... How to plan your perfect baseball pregnancy announcement photo shoot: 1. Bring an assortment of ways to share the news, because we plan to capture several options at every session. 2. [...]

1806, 2021

Senior Pictures at Piney Creek in Martinsburg


In Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, you will find one of my top spots for senior pictures at Piney Creek Greenhouse.  In the photos below, you see beautifully curated greenhouse and eclectic spaces.  The cutting garden is packed with seasonal color. Because the color is seasonal, it is changing often. And because it is changing so often, you will guaranteed have a unique look for your images. You find stunning scenes at every turn, like hostas, climbing roses, hanging plants, and vibrant set ups that are ideal for photos. As a result, we spend quite a lot of time in the lush curated garden. The Piney Creek pavilion is another favorite spot of mine. And I'm sure you will find it to be a favorite as well - just look at those contrasting blacks and browns with the greenery! Tips for successful senior pictures at Piney Creek Greenhouse: 1. Choose the right [...]

Meet Ash & Sam

Two sister-in-laws in Patton, Pennsylvania, teaming up to capture genuine smiles and authentic portraiture. Ashley is mama to 3 beautiful kiddos, and Samantha is a dog mama to two german shepherds.


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