21 12, 2019

Falatek Family

2019-12-21T00:18:45-05:00December 21st, 2019|Family|0 Comments

Sun-filtered icicles trimmed these gorgeous Christmas trees at Leiden Tree Farm during this magical session, but that wasn't the best part about this photo shoot -- the smiles we captured, that was the highlight. It brings me so much delight to have the opportunity to capture a family in their natural element, laughing, enjoying one another's smiles! Thanks for inviting me to capture these sweet moments of your family, Breana. Enjoy your photos! ~Ashley

1 12, 2019

Brawley Family Christmas Session

2019-12-01T11:02:20-05:00December 1st, 2019|Family|0 Comments

This is my third year taking Family Christmas Photos for Tim, Nicole & their kiddos. It is such a delight to see how these babes grow up every year. This year was by far the best session we've had - everyone such genuine smiles! That might have had something to do with how I bribed them with getting into my treasure chest full of toys and treats for kiddos who smile big on their session haha. As you may have heard me say before...anything for a great photo! Enjoy your photos! ~Ashley

10 11, 2019

McGroarty Family Christmas Session

2019-11-10T16:59:03-05:00November 10th, 2019|Family|0 Comments

The story of how these folks ended up in front of my camera amazes me...So...story time. A client of mine booked a sunflower mini session. A friend of their's booked a family Lakeside Mini session...A friend of that person booked a Fall Mini Session...and that client's sister booked a Christmas Mini Session. The chain of connections that brought the McGroarty's in front of my camera, leaves me feeling simply blessed, y'all. What an honor is it so serve your friends and family - let me tell ya! Siblings (heck, kids for that matter) don't always love getting photos taken...but these two kiddos were naturals! But I gotta say, my absolute favorite shot of the day had to be the one of Reagan and her Daddy. Such genuine love for each other radiates from that snapshot. That's worth remembering - these are the moments worthy of being frozen in time. [...]

28 10, 2019

Bryson Family 2019

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These kids were such a delight to work with - not to mention their parents! We talked briefly over the joys of having a 3 year old, and they gave me hope that by age 5, it all gets better bahaha. But really. What a beautiful family y'all. So glad they booked a mini session!! Enjoy your photos! ~Ashley

18 10, 2019

Letso Family Photos

2019-10-18T23:05:26-05:00October 18th, 2019|Family|0 Comments

Let's be honest, sometimes family photos can be stressful. But man, the Letso family had it together, y'all. I was incredibly impressed with their genuine smiles, the patience that each of those guys - not once did they complain haha! And the result? THESE BEAUTIFUL IMAGES...couldn't be happier with how they turned out. Enjoy your family photos, Letso Family! ~Ashley

28 11, 2018

The Glatz Family

2018-11-28T20:51:50-05:00November 28th, 2018|Family|0 Comments

While in Texas for Thanksgiving this year, I snuck in a family session with one of my sisters-in-law and her family! Her boys were extremely photogenic - I mean, really, what did she bribe them with, RIGHT?! Love love love them to pieces. Thanks for asking me to do this, Jen! Enjoy! ~Ashley

10 11, 2018

The Brawley Family

2018-11-12T21:31:20-05:00November 10th, 2018|Family|0 Comments

It had been such a pleasure to photograph Tim, Nicole, and their family every year for Christmas. It's a tradition that I look forward to every year, and it's so fun to watch their kids grow up! Colton especially doesn't LOVE photos, so I was incredibly happy that I was able to capture some stellar images of ALL 5 of them smiling and enjoying each other.. my secret is to make the shoot fun for them...I take a natural approach to capturing families, & we play A LOT on family sessions. See for yourself in these images! Thanks for trusting me, year after year, to capture your family photos, Tim & Nicole! ~Ashley

4 11, 2018

The Koegler Family

2018-11-04T01:26:31-05:00November 4th, 2018|Family|0 Comments

I cannot say enough about how sweet it was to work with this group of siblings...it's not hard to tell how close they are and how much they love one another - just a few minutes of spending time with them and that was clear. Not to mention those boys did SUCH A GOOD JOB at smiling!!! That's rare, and not only were they not making goofy faces, they had NICE SMILES!! I love taking a candid approach to family photos, and I think it turned out so wonderfully for these guys.  Thanks for trusting me to capture these moments for y'all (: ~Ashley Family Sessions are $150 for a 20 minute session and include 15-20 high resolution images.

3 11, 2018

The Farabaugh Family

2018-11-03T19:48:56-05:00November 3rd, 2018|Family|2 Comments

The Farabaughs invited me out to their home to do two senior sessions and a family session this Fall, with their twins, Abby & Eric. I cannot say enough about what a delight it was to work with this family! We had tons of laughs (especially about how I took most of their family photos in their backyard...before I knew about the amazing pond and stream across the road that they own - HA!) I was just ready and excited...nothing new. Regardless, I LOVE how their family photos turned out. I mean, take a look at that mama & papa - they look so in love and I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to document that. Enjoy, friends!!! ~Ashley