7 09, 2019


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Ever wondered what it'd be like to do your senior portrait session with your best friends & get a good deal while you're at it!? Well! Lakeside will be offering 30 minute group sessions for 2, 3, or 4 people DURING FALL 2019 ONLY. For these sessions, the final gallery will have 40 high resolution digital images. The photos will be divided up proportionately (each of you will receive the same number of photos) -  plus you'll get a few group shots. The total cost is $400, so if you have 4 friends join the shoot, each of you only has to contribute one hundred bucks! That's a good deal in my book y'all! And better yet - you'll be able to SEE previews all of the photos we take at your print ordering appointment at the Lakeside Studio in Patton (COMING SOON!!). Each additional digital file you choose [...]

6 09, 2019

Kiersten // Class of 2020

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Kiersten, GIRL! The red dress you brought to your session was such a PERFECT choice for the marina! Not to mention you are so classy - our pink chair Patsy complimented your look just right on the tree-lined road. SO glad you decided to book with Lakeside - it's been a joy working with you this year on the senior model team, and we aren't done having fun yet! Can anyone say FALL LEAVES ^_^ Enjoy your photos (: ~Ashley

4 09, 2019

Karly // Class of 2020

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KARLY!!!! This girl has a special place in my heart. She's on my Class of 2020 model rep team & the very first time I talked to her, she about made me cry bahaha. She knew my late grandma years ago - there's a good chance we could have crossed paths a while back. Since then, we've gone on photos shoots, a coffee date, brainstormed about art, made a video, talked about Project Beauty, and started working on some t-shirt artwork for our Spring Project Beauty Conference. She's an important part of the Lakeside Portraits Community, and I am SO GLAD she decided to book her senior portrait session with me ^_^ So Karly, thanks for creating some glorious photos with me - and thanks for letting the Lord use your creative talent to help Lakeside lift His name UP HIGH. Love ya girl! Enjoy your photos! ~Ashley [...]

2 09, 2019

Maddison // Class of 2020

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Holy Moly GIRL. This session could not have had a more perfect golden hour - Not to mention the excellent location choices that Maddison and her mom made for her senior session. Each outfit she chose to bring was simply perfect. With sunny our mustard yellow vintage chair, and a flower crown to compliment it all, this session was another one for the books! Enjoy your photos!! ~Ashley

31 08, 2019

Maddi // Class of 2020

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Maddi, you simply radiate beauty - OH my goodness your session was such a blast. Beginning with sunflowers & Sunny (our mustard yellow vintage chair) made for a great start to your session. Then we were off to several other locations at Prince Gallitzin State Park... that flower field, Tessa's spot with the crazy beautiful lighting through the trees + glitter + a grad cap - OH MY!!!! Not to mention, her mama was amazing AND it was her BIRTHDAY! My favorite part about M's session was seeing what a wonderful relationship she and her mom have. It reminded me a lot of how my mom and I are best friends - such a relationship is to be cherished, and I absolutely loved their sweet mother/daughter dynamic. Enjoy your photos!! ~Ashley [...]

13 08, 2019

Kenz // Class of 2020

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Kenz was an absolute natural in front of the camera. I feel like I was constantly showing her the back of my camera because of how excited I was about the last photo I took haha! Nothing could have made her session more perfect - the perfect outfits, perfect weather, perfect sunlight, perfectly beautiful girl!!! Enjoy your photos (: ~Ashley

2 08, 2019

Sam // Class of 2020

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Sam first saw one of Lakeside Portraits' photos when I moved to PA from TX in 2017. My Cambria Heights clients have a special place in my heart, because it was with their Class of 2018 that I first began building my client base in Pennsylvania. Sam was a natural in front of the camera - you can tell by looking at his photos! Enjoy your portraits, Sam!

31 07, 2019

Hannah // Class of 2020

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Pennsylvania weather never ceases to amaze me...it literally rained during the most beautiful sunset during Hannah's session, and OH MY GOODNESS these photos are full of dreamy lighting! Hannah, thanks for trusting me with all those crazy weather conditions - you completely rocked your session. Thankful for you and your family making that drive from DuBois to have a portrait session with me (: Enjoy your photos, girl!