Looking to get some real world experience and training in the photography business?


*on the job training

*build your resume

*change your future


-Must have High School Diploma
-Apprenticeship is part time, flexible, 10 hrs a week (evenings & weekends available)
-it’s a plus if you’re going to school for a media/marketing related degree, but not necessary
-it is preferred if you have a sample of your photography/marketing work for me to review
-After 25 hours of initial training, pays $7.50/hr to get on the job training in the track of your choice


I should apply for the Lakeside Apprenticeship if I am interested in learning the following:
-how to take photos with a DSLR (it is preferred that you own your own equipment)
-how to shoot high quality raw images
-how to sort photos in post production
-minor editing
-shooting video with a DSLR and other high quality cameras
-learning graphic design skills (using Adobe Creative Products)
-learning how to follow a marketing plan 


Applicants can choose two of the following tracks to focus on:
-creative marketing & social media
-graphic design

Apprenticeship Activities will include:

  • Accompanying Ashley on portrait sessions
  • Taking behind the scenes photos
  • Eventually learning & shooting video BTS
  • Helping to plan creative marketing ideas
  • Some secretarial work

Fill out our contact form to connect with Ashley and find out more about applying!