Y’all this session was special – between the GORGEOUS light, and Maria’s honest & sincere interaction with the camera, I feel like we created some really incredible photographs. Since I began professionally shooting in 2010, I’ve always said that I wanted my work to mean something. Simple documentation of a moment has never really been enough for me. I want my clients and those who find themselves interacting with my work to be drawn in and encouraged to think deeper.

As a result, I try to capture the world and my clients in the way that I see/experience it: Displayed before my lens is an incredibly thoughtfully design… implying the existence of a Creator. You don’t have to agree, but the existence of said Creator changes everything for me. Said Creator influences my work, and I’d be in denial if I didn’t give God the credit.

So open your eyes (and maybe your heart, if you’re willing) when you’re checking Maria’s photos out.