There are so many options when it comes to choosing your location for your portrait session! Of course, there are some seasonal choices, but THIS IS YOUR GO TO POST when deciding when and where you want to schedule your session with Lakeside Portraits. And as always, I’m up for new locations if you have an idea of your own (: However, if traveling 60 minutes away from Prince Gallitzin State Park, additional fees will apply.

Glendale Lake @ the cove near Pickerel Pond access – great for capturing candid photos of kiddos

Flower Fields – right near the lake and a plethora of options!

Family Farm – Located in Carrolltown, including a beautiful barn, pasture, and buffalo

Marina – Located at Prince Gallitzin State Park, there are several marina options for photos!

Tree Lined Road – One of our favorite, rarely traveled roads with amazing lighting, located in Prince Gallitzin State Park

Downtown Hollidaysburg – So many cute colorful spots!

Legion Park Hollidaysburg – The flowers here make this a stunning place to take photos!

St. Francis Gardens – Lot’s of texture and beautiful spots can be found here

The Jungle – Not really, but some parts of this location actually feel like a jungle…so that’s what I call it!

The Barn & and Old Truck – Simple description, really. Near Prince Gallitzin State Park.

Sunflower Field!! – Sunflowers and more sunflowers…Patton, PA